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It has been fifteen years since the victory at the Battle at Yavin. Darth Vader has died. Emperor Palpatine has been vanquished. The Empire is in ruins or is it? Throughout the galaxy, Imperial Warlords strive to regain the Empire's former glory. The forces of the New Republic are stretched ever thinner, trying to maintain the fragile alliance. Despite their seeming victory eleven years earlier, the New Republic is in danger of unraveling.

    The officials of the New Republic respond by forming small groups of individuals dedicated to protecting the people of the alliance. They're known as the Elite Squadrons . The Elite Squadrons are women and men, specialists in their field, who accept the missions no one else would dare. Daring rescues, commando strikes, first contacts, delicate negotiations. None are too difficult for the members of the Elite Squadrons.

    At the same time, the mystical Jedi Knights begin to slowly rise. Despite years of persecution at the hand's of Vader and the Emperor, a small number of Jedi Knights emerge. Potential Jedi find themselves called to study the way of the Force. As in the days of old, the Jedi offer their services to the Republic. They form the Jedi Task Forces .

    Throughout the history of armed conflict, there have always been those loyal only to themselves: mercenaries. The present state of the galaxy is a mercenaries’ paradise: Imperial Moff’s at war with each other; the New Republic at war with the remnants of the Empire; crime lords at war with each other; planets at war with rival planets. There’s a lot of action out there for those willing to put their life on the line for a few credits. These fortune hunting individuals form Elite Forces: Mercenaries.

    Despite the continuing turmoil in the galaxy, a new generation has appeared on the horizon. A generation of hope and ambition. A generation which brings new light to the hearts of those who look outward among the stars. A generation of explorers. Exploration of the Unknown Regions within the vastness of the galaxy, as well as the Wild Space Regions on its very edge, has been sought after for millennium. While the galaxy was under the Empire's grasp, scouting was all but halted, Now, with the Empire's hold on the galaxy dwindling, expeditions to these regions have began. These new free times have brought forth a veritable explosion of such things, all with hopes of new found riches and peoples. These explorations will open a new era within the galaxy. They make up Elite Forces: Expeditions.

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