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The Ultimate Star Wars Mercenaries RPG

  Are you looking for excitement, adventure, and action in an online Role Playing Game? Look no further!! SWEF:Star Wars Elite Forces has what you are looking for.

   SWEF has MagForce. The longest running mercenary RPG in SWEF. It's players are some of the most experienced, and entertaining of all the RPGs in SWEF.

   If you crave the action of flying a starfighter into battle against some of the best pilots the scum of the galaxy has to offer, MagForce is for you. If you have the urge to pull a blaster out of your holster, and blow away bounty hunters and Imperial Storm Troopers, MagForce is for you. If you feel the need to infiltrate the most impenetrable fortresses, MagForce is for you.

   Do not be mistaken. With all of the mayhem that MagForce encounters, there is still time for the dramatic subplots between the members of MagForce. The intrigue, the bloodshed, and the daring escapes, would be nothing, if the members of MagForce did not have their share of personal controversies, and romances.

   Come see for yourself. You will not be disappointed. Join, if you dare. But be warned.....this is not a game for the faint of heart.