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October 1996


    I will never forget seeing Star Wars: A New Hope for the very first time. I was fortunate enough to see the film unfold during its initial theatrical run in 1977. As a nine-year old, I was awe-struck by the sheer power and enormity of the Imperial Star Destroyer in the opening sequence; I was thoroughly transfixed.

    In 1980, The Empire Strikes Back added to the wonder of the Star Wars universe. Who will ever forget the wise teachings of Yoda or the horrific revelations of Darth Vader? In 1983, Return of the Jedi concluded the theatrical adventure with remarkable, breath taking special effects.

    Although it's been fifteen years since a new Star Wars film hit the theaters, action figures, video games, comic books, novelizations, vhs tapes, soundtracks and the recent theatrical release of the Special Editions, the magic is still alive.

    What does all this have to do with Star Wars: Elite Forces? When I created Elite Forces, I hoped to provide an added dimension to that sense of awe and wonder. Many of us have dreamed of learning the ways of the Force or piloting an X-wing against an Imperial Super Star Destroyer. What better way to celebrate the Star Wars universe, than to role-play in it?

    In keeping with the spirit of Star Wars, we do ask that all forum participants avoid the following behaviors.

    Those unable to follow the above guidelines, may lose their access to SWEF resources.

    To report a chatroom incident, please email Rick with the following information.

    Thanks for showing an interest in Star Wars: Elite Forces. enjoy your continuing adventures in the Star Wars universe!

May the Force be with you!
Derek Sweet
Creator, Star Wars: Elite Forces

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