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Star Wars: Maverick
Its the Star Wars Galaxy, after the Empire fell and the New Republic took control. Or so the story goes.

Life in a post-Empire New Republic takes on a new meaning for most.

    It has been twenty-two years since the victory at the Battle at Yavin. There are still those loyal only to themselves. Some would call them mercenaries, but most just consider themselves ordinary people trying to make a living. There's a lot of action out there for those willing to take the risk for a few credits. A handful of these individuals live on a ship called The Maverick. They make a living delivering cargo. Some legal and some... not so legal.
    This is Star Wars : Maverick.

    Maverick is owned and run by Tam Sneed, a man who is out to make a profit at every turn, and save his own hide if its ever threatened. The crew he hires are as close to the best as you can get, for the price. They've been through quite a bit for a new crew, but they are tough enough to live with it.
    There's more to come too.

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