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The Staff

Rick Forums Manager and Game Master of Star Wars : Maverick

I'm Rick, just as the name above says. I have always look up to the night sky and wondered what it would be like to be in a galaxy like the one in Star Wars. Well, now I have a taste of that through roleplaying in SWEF. I had joined MagForce in March of 1998, and became Team Leader, with the help of that team's members, by August of the same year. I started a new team, Venture Force in November, 1999. Venture Force was my very first creation in SWEF, but closed down after a couple years due to lack of players. My recent creation is Pinnacle Inc., which is doing very well.

In my life away from SWEF, I am a design engineer, and am currently working for a company which makes and sells medical lasers and tissue mimicking products. I am also writing a book in what little spare time I have. Science Fiction of course. One day I will finish it, but until then, I will forge my way forward.

Ron Game Master of 7th Sea : A Candle in Chaos

Ron Stratton is the fourth Duke of Leventhal and hereditary ruler of the tiny nation of Fenzwick. He has travelled around the world six and five-thirds times in a single trip, and has the keys to several cities which he uses to lock them up at night and at other inconvenient times. He plays the pipe organ and the harmonica simultaneously, and has composed several symphonies(and two oratorios) for them. His latest release is an album entitled "Songs I Felt Like Torturing You With", and is available from Okaybe Records on both LP and 8-track.

On several occasions he has invaded other small nations and conquered them without them even noticing. He is a skilled confuser of cats and a master breeder of water polo horses, and repressed peasants everywhere tremble at the mere mention of his rhubarb tarts.

In his spare time he crochets slipcovers for naval vessels and arranges the mysterious disappearance of mediocre artists to increase the value of their works. He is single, but more than a hundred beautiful maidens will whisper his name(in conjunction with the words "slime", "weirdo", and "where did I put that bounty notice") for years to come.

Many scholars theorize that Ron is responsible for the Pyramids of Egypt, the sinking of the Titanic, and the utter lack of anything good on tv, but they have yet to find sufficient evidence. Ron is also a good example of why you should never believe half of what you read on a webpage.

R. Greydon Scates Game Master of 7th Sea : Brave New World and Rogue Jedi : The Order of Unruh

Hello everyone, Iíve been a player in SWEF off and on for several years and have had great fun. I was a player in Mag Force, Jedi Task Force Alpha, Imperial Strike Force Krayt, was one of the only players in Venture force for a very long time, and now play in Pinnacle Inc. Iíve enjoyed being a player in SWEF for a very long time but now I get the opportunity to see what itís like from the GMís perspective.

As for my life outside of SWEF, I am a student soon to be attending college as well as an aspiring Game Designer. I can usually be found on ICQ but Iíve also been seen wandering around the Intrepid and Scylla servers of Star Wars Galaxies.

Mike Chat Server Administrator

Hi, I own and administer the SWEF chat/game server. SWEF was not always hosted by my services. It is actually a very long a detailed process that brought the game to me. Basically I had a few friends who I used to watch and play this fine game from the old MSN community server. When I heard from one of these friends that MSN was closing down official support for groups like SWEF I figured it was a real sad deal for the game. I had room for the game and it's players one of my servers. I told them they could do as they saw fit and have as many rooms as they felt where needed.

I then got another fine deal on a small network that would really expand my own chat rooms and traffic. I took my traffic (which was in no way Star Wars related) off of what is now the "Official SWEF Game Server." I no longer had personal use for the server, but I did however see the potential for the SWEF game to expand under good leadership. Therefore I swore the entire server over to SWEF management. After the last 3 months I would say it was a good call and I am filled with joy to see how the game make-over has gone, and continues to improve.

I am an avid Star Wars fan, and being able to offer what I can to improve the game has been a great honor. Periodically you will see me in and around the server. Most of the time I am there to (as some say) work my magic. I am not a very active RPGer, but don't be surprised if you do catch me in a game.

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