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August 2004


    I would like to welcome you to Strange Worlds Entertainment Forum. Over the years, our roleplaying games have been played under the name "Star Wars: Elite Forces". The name may have changed but the gaming continues.

    SWEF was created by Derek Sweet, to be a Star Wars based roleplaying experience. His creation lives on to this very day with some of our Star Wars games. However, we have expanded beyond the Star Wars Universe to bring in other games. Diversity is something that has helped many people in the past, and we are hoping that this will be no different for SWEF.

    Strange Worlds is destined to be around for a while, and we are hoping that you will be apart of that destiny. Take a look around the website and our messageboard, then join us for some fun. You never know what will happen in our games, which makes them so exciting.

    In keeping with the spirit of respectable game play, we do ask that all forum participants avoid the following behaviors.

    Those unable to follow the above guidelines, may lose their access to SWEF resources.

    To report a chatroom incident, please email Rick with the following information.

    Thanks for showing an interest in Strange Worlds Entertainment Forum.

Game On!
Rick Brookins

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2004 Rick Brookins ; Updated 2004 Rick

Strange Worlds Entertainment Forum is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd., Paramount, or any other companies owning copyrights to likenesses of games played here.